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Everything You Need to Scale

Through RevCascade, retailers and vendors can easily share curated product data, update inventory, and manage the lifecycle of dropship transactions from purchase orders through invoicing.

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Orders, Fulfillments, Invoices

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Automated Onboarding

RevCascade's onboarding technology provides the fastest speed to market for retailers and vendors. Approved vendors use RevCascade's Vendor Onboarding application to set their preferences for inventory updates and transaction management.

  • Invite vendors to complete your customized onboarding workflow.
  • Track vendor progress against due dates in real time.
  • Automatically remind vendors to revisit incomplete tasks.
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Dropship Merchandising

Merchandising in a dropship program is just as important as merchandising in traditional retail and ecommerce. Leverage RevCascade’s dropship merchanidising tools to offer an extended aisle of products that will resonate with your consumers.

  • Trade product proposals with vendors.
  • Review products only after they have been certified to meet attribution requirements.
  • Stay in total control of the products and pricing.
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Flexible Transaction Automation

Brands, vendors, and makers come in all shapes and sizes. In order to rapidly scale a custom curated dropship program, RevCascade offers the most flexible transaction management technology in the industry. Brands, vendors and makers can manage transactions via EDI, API, or the RevCascade portal to insure that orders are managed and shipped as fast as possible.

  • Review all dropship orders in a single dashboard with real-time fulfilment tracking.
  • Stay on top of potential customer service issues with workflows that identify exceptions early.
  • View custom reporting on key business KPIs
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Vendor Compliance

In addition to generating new revenue, a successful dropship program is predicated on shipping orders to consumers as seamlessly as a shipment from a retailers own warehouse. RevCascade’s compliance dashboard ensures that retailers have 24/7 visibility into vendor fill times, delivery times, and inventory updates.

  • Track monthly vendor fulfillment and inventory performance.
  • Review detailed information on each compliance incident (and excuse when appropriate)
  • Incentivize vendors to improve their monthly performance scores.
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Learn how one RevCascade partner launched a $100 million dropship program in 15 months

Case Study Chart
Month 1 3 6 9 12 15
Orders 1.3K 15.5K 13.6K 24.8K 25.7K 73.2K
SKUs 731 3.0K 4.5K 7.6K 10.3K 14.0K
Vendors 15 38 64 78 99 116
ARR --- $8M $23M $52M $83M $97M

RevCascade Leadership Team

Josh Wexler, CEO

Josh Wexler

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Tobin, CMO

Andrea Tobin

Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Kyle Stainer, VP Product

Kyle Stainer

Co-founder &
VP, Product

David Ballardo, VP Engineering

David Ballardo

VP, Engineering

Matt Cox, VP Finance

Matt Cox

VP, Finance & Operations

Steve Lundby, VP Client Services

Steve Lundby

VP, Client Services

RevCascade automates all aspects of a retailer’s dropship program. Manage and track your brands‘, vendors’, and makers’ product data, inventory updates, and transactions all in one place.

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